Motion to install charging points

I propose that our association applies for a Klimatklivet grant so that we can install charging points for electric vehicles in our underground car park.

Our association has an important mission to work for our members’ finances and electric vehicles are a part of this. Not only are they good for the environment, they are nice to drive and cheap to run.

With up to 50 percent of costs covered by Klimatklivet grants, the cost of installing a charging point will not exceed SEK 10,000. Depreciation on equipment and installation is spread over 10 years and if electricity consumption is based on a base-line of 1.000 kilometers driven per year, the total cost will be around SEK 250/per month for the car owner (excluding the fee for the parking space).

Sjöstadsföreningen/ElectriCITY can assist the board by managing the application process, arranging equipment and installer contracts and compiling a final approval report. They have considerable experience and knowhow when it comes to charging point installations in Hammarby Sjöstad and are a neutral party.