A motion to appoint an energy manager

I propose that we appoint an energy manager to the board of our housing association. A person who is responsible for energy supply and, in consultation with the Board, works to optimize and lower the association’s energy usage and associated costs.

A large part of our overheads are the result of our energy consumption. Modern technology makes it possible to significantly reduce this and improve our association’s overall financial standing. It also means that we can reduce our carbon footprint and emissions of CO2.

The Energy Manager:

  • Establish an energy map for the property together with Sjöstadsföreningen/ElectriCITY
  • Set energy consumption reduction goals
  • Inform the Board about suitable methods available for improving energy efficiency
  • Keep the Board updated about technologies that can recover building-generated waste heat
  • Advise the Board about renewable energy sources

Sjöstadsföreningen/ElectriCITY holds regular meetings for energy managers in Hammarby Sjöstad, where they can learn more about the technology and methods available to reduce energy consumption.