Other projects

Current projects in Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0

Bus plan Stockholm

A switch to quiet and clean traffic in the borough. We work with stakeholders in this area to drive on Stockholm County Council in the work on a plan for the conversion of inner city traffic to electric buses. A bus plan Sweden will be developed in cooperation with Energiforsk. One of our member companies, InfraNode, has developed a proposal for financing investments in new infrastructure.

Electric taxis

In cooperation with Taxi Stockholm, ElectriCITY will support Taxi Stockholm’s conversion to electric vehicles. The first step is to spread the Nollzon concept to the housing associations and companies in Sjöstaden, which means that the person who orders a taxi primarily wants an E V. In cooperation with Taxi Stockholm, a plan of action will be developed and tested in Sjöstaden.

Sustainable transport for recycling

The coordinated transport project in Hammarby Sjöstad now comprises about 15 housing associations. It has had a good start and led to reduced transport and reduced costs. Now we continue with other steps aimed at converting to vehicles powered by renewable energy.

Electrification of work tools

The preliminary study on electrification of work equipment in parks and gardens will be transposed in 2018 in a coordinated procurement of framework agreements for services to housing associations.. 

Policy lab for electrification

In cooperation with Energiforsk, ElectriCITY will take the initiative to establish a Policy Lab to identify obstacles to the electrification of traffic and to find ways to eliminate such obstacles.

Eco-governance / The Hammarby model

The main sustainability concept for Hammarby Sjöstad contained a new planning model, “eco governance”, and a model for reducing, reuse and recycle energy, water and waste, the Hammarby model. These are the models for planning and resource use that created great international interest in Hammarby Sjöstad as an urban development project. In 2018, the experience will be summarized and the concept will be developed and commercialized and included in the Swedish service exports and in international climate and sustainability efforts.

Climate smart businesses / young entrepreneurs

A cooperation has been established with the borough and the business association of Hammarby Sjöstad. The purpose is to engage the companies in the climate and energy issues and to increase the awareness of Hammarby Sjöstad as a demo site for sustainable urban development and social sustainability.

Snyggt & tryggt
(Clean & Safe)

ElectriCITY supports Sjöstadsföreningens project “Snyggt & Tryggt”, which spans a wide range of efforts, from organized nightly neighborhood walks to keep crime rates down through public space maintenance such as street lighting to digital technology to counteract crime. One question in this context is whether “Snyggt & tryggt” can be established as an own organization with ElectriCITY, Sjöstadsföreningen and other local stakeholders, such as public housing companies and local businesses as promoters and sponsors. In this work we will collaborate with interested insurance companies.

70 % would choose an electric taxi!

More than 70 percent of the residents in Hammarby Sjöstad would rather order an electric car from a taxi company instead of a petrol or diesel car.

“These are amazing numbers,” says Mats Elzén of analyst and research company Novus in a comment.

It is the third consecutive year that ElectriCITY allows Novus to conduct a survey, SjöstadsOpinion, in Hammarby Sjöstad. Here we ask about the residents views on issues that concern environment and sustainability? The survey, based on 300 telephone interviews, is divided into seven sub-sections: electric car and car pool, energy, sharing economy, electric bicycles, taxi service and Hammarby Sjöstad and Sjöstadsföreningen.